Saturday, October 16, 2010

Music to my Ears.

One of my little pleasures over the last few years has been sharing music with people from around the globe.

Every now and then I post off a collection of tunes on CD  to a friend, and in return enjoy some of the music that inspires, enlightens or simply shakes the ass of the person sending it.
These friends are mostly artists, musicians or writers.
Some I have met, others not. All of them different but all sharing this inherent ability to choose music that informs, ignites and inspires.

Music like art, consumes me.
Subconsciously I use it to both fuel my thoughts on conception for a painting and consciously as a backdrop or soundscape during the physical act of painting. The two and fro from the canvas, the sitting, the looking and the sitting again.

I wouldn't say I have an eccentric taste in music but I guess it does lean towards eclectic at times in that I follow what strikes my own chord, and for the most part that doesn't usually turn out to be what is popular, or charting or whatever they call it these days.
I don't listen to a lot of radio or watch a lot of TV and it's just getting harder to find "my" music on traditional media so instead I enjoy the pleasure of discovery through music press, friend recommendations and some trusted online music sites and blogs.

So, I wanted to share with you an example of one such musical gift that arrived in the mail recently, and that is a beautiful compilation of music from my friend “Nasty” Nigel Lawrence of Melbourne.

Nigel is a musician himself and has a deft touch when it comes to sniffing out incredibly interesting music. This time it is in the genre of reggae in which he is well versed. 
Nigel has an amazing record collection (both vinyl and CD) and thankfully he took some time out to put this together for me.

Well this is where I leave it folks, it’s the painting hour and I’m itching to hit the play button on the latest Nasty offering..

For the record, here’s the play list Nigel sent me, and to the man himself.. thanks mate!

1. Moving to the Top - Don Carlos
2. Champions of Arena - Jackie Mittoo
3. Mind made Up - Mikael Rose
4. Our day will Come - Heptones
5. Silhouette - Dennis Brown
6. Upside Down - Joe Higgs
7. Rudeboy Shufflin - Israel Vibration
8. Sponji Reggae - Black Uhuru
9. Rumours - Gregory Isaacs
10. Pick up the Pieces - The Royals
11. Thin Line - BB Seaton
12. Hot Milk - Jackie Mittoo
13. Never found a Girl - Cornell Cambell
14. When you are Wrong - The Royals
15. You will never Find - John Holt


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