Friday, November 20, 2009

The Blue Duck Cafe

"The Blue Duck Cafe" has recently opened in St Leonards, Sydney.
An illustrated work of mine was commissioned to adorn the walls of the cafe in large print form and has also been used in the beautifully crafted hard backed menu.
The cafe is located at 601 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW (2065) and I recommend a visit. 

They blend Asian ingredients into contemporary dishes and their Jack and Bean boutique coffee is designed and blended by the World Latte Art Champion and Australian Barista Judge Jack Hanna.Very cool..
If you're fortunate enough to pop in, say hello to Simon and Mary Lee for me!

You will find more information soon at  which is currently having the finishing touches applied to it.

The original drawing of the Blue Duck Cafe (then titled "The Fat Duck Cafe") is owned by good friend and budding wine buff Ian Burrows.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Work in Progress

Two new works in progress in the studio at the moment.
They will eventually become works in oil on stretched canvas.
The pictures show the underdrawing in progress which I will be updating with new images as time permits.