Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charlatan Ink Prize 2011

I am pleased to announce I have recently been selected to be an Honorary Member of the Advisory Board  for the 2011 Charlatan Ink Prize to be held in New York later this year. I join six other members in the advisory role from several different continents including the multi talented artist Phillip Brooker, American contemporary figurative artist Richard T scott, fellow Australian contemporary artist Hazel Dooney and the amazing German painter Michael Hutter.

For further information on each click {here}.

The $25000 prize will be judged by Anthony Lister (AUS); Peter Gric (CZ/AU); Bing Dawe (NZ); Winston Smith (USA); Marleen Antico (AUS); Joanne Berkoe (USA) and Ed McCormack (USA)


Grab your fly swatter and click here to visit the Charlatan Ink site.

The CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE for the VISUAL ARTS will be the gateway for the Charlatan Ink Art Project to connect worldwide with artists, galleries and art organizations, facilitating cross pollination and creation of fertile soils to establish new and exciting means to present art to a wider public.

Once the Charlatan Ink Art Project has established itself within the New York art establishment and with time on a global stage, Charlatan Ink LLC New York will pledge itself to metamorphose into an art-entity, that will not only search for new inventive art and art practitioners, but will commit itself to nurture new talents through its facilities of publishing and art management. Charlatan Ink LLC New York will create an innovative new model in artist representation, allowing artists to be free of commercial conformity and limiting art market policies.

THE CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE for the Visual Arts is open to all artists practicing VISUAL ART : painters (in any medium & stylistic expression from classical painting to collages to illustrations to graffiti to drawing to print); photographers (film/digital); sculptors (3D works/jewellery); film-makers (video/film-camera/animation film); conceptual artists (working in all mediums mentioned above); crafts (from pottery to weaving to carpet-looming)

For more information: visit the Charlatan Ink site.


Blogger Maria Wiley said...

How exciting! Congratulations Leith! :-)

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