Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Red Dust SeƱorita"

I have just had word that my recently completed commission "The Red Dust Senorita" was well received by it's new owner Justin Hunter of Melbourne. I spent several weeks off and on the painting, laying down a thick textural surface and the result is another work revisiting the Red Dust Girl series.

I'm posting a few images of the work here along with one photo of her hanging in Justins home and two close up photos of the surface..

Monday, April 12, 2010

O'Malley @ Art Melbourne

Watch out for four of my works hanging in the SmartArtz Gallery booth at this years "Art Melbourne". If all goes well they will be hanging Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday..

"The Girl with the Golden Microphone", "Coltrane" "The Wild Young Things" and "Caffeine Girl #4" will feature along with what looks and sounds like a swag of incredible Australian art.

When? The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2010 will be abuzz in the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton from 22-25 April 2010. Adding to Melbourne's vibrant art scene, Art Melbourne 2010 showcases over a hundred galleries from around Australia and overseas with thousands of new artworks.

If you are strolling past their booth (G3) and spot the work below (unfinished and untitled at present), please say hi to Gallery owners Sharron and Di for me, who will no doubt be busy with all things art over the four day event.

For further information:

Viitors to The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2010 will enjoy the convenience of seeing over 100 galleries under one roof offering original, high quality art work accessible both to a growing market of new art buyers and appealing to the most discerning collector.

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2010 aims to equip visitors with adequate information and guidance to give them confidence in their acquisitions. The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2010 recognises the equal importance of work by emerging and established artists.

Art Melbourne 2010, Melbourne's affordable art fair is part of the AAF global group, with similar events held annually in New York, Singapore, Brussels, Paris, London and Sydney.

New Work, Old Brushes..

Sneak preview of three new works on the go in the studio.
A simulaneous outpouring of paint and music. All three bound for Melbourne buyers.